East Africa Retail Corporation Ltd sole purpose of bringing world class brands and diversifying the domestic market of the eastern region of Africa. The corporation aims to bridge the gap for our consumers, who constantly desire to reach and obtain products from around the world. Splash, Babyshop, Centrepoint, Lifestyle, Max, and a few to mention are all amongst our large selection of brands we have to offer.


We understand that our customers have commitments to their clients. We realize that it is very important that we fulfil our commitment to our customers and enable them to fulfil theirs. A very strong emphasis is placed on communication, both locally and with our clients suppliers. It is vital that all parties concerned are able to communicate well together at all levels. It is our responsibility to ensure that this happens and that all concerned are aware of all transactions and happenings. We believe that our clients are very well serviced and very happy with just how far we will go for them.